Joshua vs Pulev Fight Live

Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev had a rather surprising bit of fire on display at today’s weigh-in, jawing at close quarters after hitting the scales for Saturday’s fight for Joshua’s WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight titles.

Joshua (23-1, 21 KO) weighed in at 240¾, with Pulev (28-1, 14 KO) at 239¾. The interaction never looked violent, really — no shoving or anything — but there was a lot of spicy talk between the two, most of it coming from the challenger Pulev, who is the big underdog.

Pulev kept talking after Joshua left the staredown, with AJ eventually coming back toward him and taking an almost comical stance toward the 39-year-old Bulgarian.

“A lot was said up there,” promoter Eddie Hearn said. “(Pulev) kept saying, ‘I’ll beat you tomorrow, you’re nothing, I’m better than you,’ and AJ bit, he said, ‘Who have you beaten?’ And Pulev said, ‘I will end you tomorrow, I will end you.’ But Pulev said, ‘You know what, I respect you,’ and that calmed it down, but he went, ‘I will beat you, and I’m better than you, and tomorrow I will end you.’”

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